Steph is an experienced recruiter and with her industry experience in marketing, she makes a perfect addition to our Sales & Marketing team. Known as our ‘question queen’ Steph is detail orientated and is a typical PR person; lively, chatty, enthusiastic and loves to get to the core of a vacancy making her the perfect person to call for complicated senior positions.

Thanks to her Marketing and PR experience she can relate to candidates and understand roles, having conducted many of the duties herself. A graduate in Events and Marketing, Steph has worked with clients such as Dreamworks, Hatchette and Nissan Nizmo, so is comfortable working with big brand names and senior stakeholders.

Outside of work Steph is a self-proclaimed movie buff and loves every genre, with the challenge being to find one she hasn’t seen! Whilst having strong aversions to exercises that make her hot and sweaty, she can often be found on a Yoga mat, centring herself and finding her inner calm, making her the perfect Recruiter to work under high pressured timescales.