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Three Issues Facing Marketing Recruitment in 2019

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As an experienced Recruiter of Marketing professionals, I have daily discussions with clients across Oxfordshire and Warwickshire, around the challenges faced when recruiting marketing professionals. Below are what I believe are the top three challenges when recruiting for marketing professionals in 2019. 

Loss of Marketing Agency Budget

With more companies following in the footsteps of P&G and reducing marketing agency spend by up to 50%, the need for tech savvy candidates is growing exponentially.According to the IBC, online advertising grew by 16% in 2018 and by 2020 will account for 49% of all global spend. Therefore, the importance of finding candidates with cross-platform marketing experience is becoming increasingly significant. Candidates must now be confident in both campaign generation, data and analytics in order to answer the million-dollar question of ROI. This can mean needing to source candidates outside of the traditional marketing career path.

Centennials don’t see it as a credible career

According to a report conducted by Marketing Weekly, centennials don’t see marketing as a career path that matches their values of honesty as high importance, with just 3% selecting it as a potential career path. Many don’t trust the industry due to its ‘fake news’ culture and persuasive messages. However, with household names building safer marketing messages, such as Gillette’s Toxic Masculinity, and Coca Colas LGBT ads shown during last year’s Superbowl, could the values of the industry be changing and in future years be more aligned with the generations of tomorrow? With this in mind, hiring candidates based on their ethos as well as skill-set is even more prevalent than before, to ensure you are recruiting innovators, not followers.

You don’t stand out from the crowd

According to a recent report by Employer Brands Insights, 90% of PR employees consider the employer’s brand before applying to a role. 95% said the companies’ reputation is important but equally this went further to incorporate brand incentives, company culture, career progression on offer, the existing team and the accolades they have acquired. In order to attract the top talent, you must find a way to stand out to entice the top talent away from your competitors, particularly if based in Oxfordshire and Warwickshire, as many candidates have ease of travel to the London hubs of bigger brands.

With these factors causing significant challenges for the marketing industry, working with reputable and specialist marketing Recruiters has never been as important. Recruiters who understand your brand, your ethos and future aspirations as a company, can champion your brand to potential employees and look outside of the traditional resourcing methods. 

For more information about how we can help you to recruit your Sales or Marketing roles, please click on the banner below or call our Client Relations Team on 01295 262266 (Oxfordshire) or 01926 332277 (Warwickshire).



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