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Since 2005, Plus One Personnel have worked with hundreds of employers throughout Oxfordshire, Warwickshire and the surrounding area to source staff for their job vacancies.  We have a very high success rate and have grown together in partnership with the clients that we work with, who continue to utilise our services on a regular basis.

Our Recruiters are dedicated to ensuring that you receive the very best candidates for your job vacancies every time and in addition, we guarantee all of our permanent introductions for 6 months with our unique 'Placement Promise'

After taking a comprehensive brief, our Recruiters will:

  • Showcase your vacancies with professionally written advertisements posted on high-traffic websites.
  • Proactively search for potential candidates from our extensive databases containing over 10 million UK jobseekers.
  • Conduct thorough screening and interviewing of potential candidates prior to shortlisting.
  • Present a final shortlist of suitable candidate CV's and any other supporting documentation to you.
Once you have selected suitable candidates, we will:
  • Arrange interviews on your behalf and provide post-interview feedback from all parties.
  • Manage expectations and ensure engagement throughout the interview process.
  • Present your offer to the successful candidate and assist with any negotiations.
  • Keep in contact during any notice period to ensure that the candidate commences employment with you.

Read our Case Studies to see what we've done for other clients or contact us to find out how our recruitment services could add value to your business today...


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