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The following jobseeker profiles represent a small selection of the thousands of people that we currently have registered for work in Operations. If you are interested in finding out more about any of the candidates listed below, please contact our client relations team on 01295 262266 (Oxfordshire) or 01926 332277 (Warwickshire).

*All introductions are subject to our standard Terms of Business, available upon request

61763 – Supply Chain Planner / 1 Month Notice - £35,000 pa

  • A fantastic candidate specialising in Logistics and Supply Chain.
  • Over 10 years’ experience in the FMCG industry with a strong understanding of short shelf-life products and fast-paced environments.
  • A Master’s degree in Supply Chain Management and BA (Hons) in Commerce.
  • This candidate prides themselves on their hands-on approach and has a strong eye for detail, always persevering to exceed business expectations.
  • The candidate managed the international (Europe and South America) and domestic import of raw materials, being the first point of escalation for all Freight forwarders and shipping lines.
  • Air freight shipments globally achieving 95% accuracy level in terms of on time availability where circa 100,000 singles are Air-freighted monthly.
  • Maintaining accuracy level of 95% land side delivery Sea and Road Shipments where circa 400 Sea/Road containers receipted per week.
  • Management of over 40 suppliers globally with an approximate volume of 80K units/month in receipt of goods on time (over 90% availability Year on Year)
  • Business support for the prioritisation of more than 300 containers each quarter into holding centers during peak season to meet commercial demands.
  • Successfully managed & delivered an average 20% increase in the designated display availability for over 2 years.

61883 – Quality Assurance Supervisor / 1 Month Notice - £23,000 pa

  • An experienced Quality and Operations candidate with over 15 years’ experience in the food manufacturing industry.
  • Previous roles have included; Quality Assurance, Health & Safety, Line Production Management, Training.
  • Excellent at persistently maintaining a high level of product quality, hygiene and food safety above standard.
  • Experienced in building comprehensive reports measuring operational KPIs, technical parameters and product specifications against benchmarks.
  • Excellent leadership skills developed in a variety of supervisory or training positions; the candidate had to manage around 20+ workers.
  • Possessing great knowledge of QA practices as the candidate had to fully cover the QA responsibilities of the factory
  • Numerous additional qualifications, such as: HACCP for Food Manufacturing, Food Integrity Consulting and ECOLAB Safety First. 

62268 – Logistics and Transport Coordinator / 1 Month Notice - £25,000 pa

  • Professional with over 24 years’ experience in the field of Logistics and Transport, operating in very demanding customer focused and cost-based industries.
  • Recognized for strong team leading skills, fully equipped to manage 5 assembly lines, 20+ customers, 8 rigid vehicles and their drivers.
  • High ability to react to unusual situations, quickly able to provide short- and long-term solutions.
  • Developed knowledge in vehicle tracking, delivery notes, delivery dispatching, making sure that all data is correctly monitored and recorded on the system.
  • Very analytically minded, and strong attention to detail and transport planning skills.
  • Achieved 98%+ delivery performance for both vehicle manufacturer and aftermarket customers, raising up to 40 pick list for customer dispatches daily and up to 10 Export Documentation sets per week.
  • Developed continuous improvements and increased efficiency – improved picking time by 25% by relocating stock by customer into specified locations. 

62484 – Food Technologist - Immediately available - £25,000pa

  • BSc with Honours in Nutrition which covered food science, food legislation and composition of foods.  
  • This candidate started working as a Nutritionist following further education before going on to be a Technical Project Officer.  
  • They’re keen to consider similar roles such as Nutritionist, Technologist, Specifications Writer etc. Experience includes: 
  • Updating packaging and labels artwork of products, providing nutritional text and getting involved with NPD, handling technical enquiries – both internally and externally, analysing products, providing nutritional / product presentations and ensuring technical compliance.  
  • Sectors include food industry and food supplements industry. Candidate is based in Warwick but they will consider up to 25 mile commute / 35 minute drive.

61149 – Production Manager - Immediately available - £45,000pa

  • Goal-orientated professional, with over 20 years’ experience within the Food Industry including low and high-risk environments.
  • Highly knowledgeable on continuous improvement tools / techniques, previously facilitated projects focussing on waste reduction and manufacturing efficiency - introduced Kan Ban system.
  • Wealth of experience interacting with high profile customers such as Asda, McDonalds, Sainsburys, Subway and Burger King. Relevant qualifications include HACCP Level 3, COSHH, Lean Problem Solving, B.R.C and Hygiene & Food Safety.
  • Previously managed various sized teams and open to companies of all sizes.
  • Candidate is based in Banbury and will consider a commute up to 50 miles – salary may need to be adjusted depending on distance.

62098 – Quality Manager – Immediately available - £55,000pa

  • Experienced Quality Professional in low volume, high volume and specialist manufacturing and telecommunications.
  • Track record of building and managing high performing teams covering all aspects of internal, customer and supplier quality activities.
  • Critical problem solver, proactive in identifying and delivering continuous improvement and spoilage reduction activities.
  • Extensive knowledge of ISO9001 compliant systems implementation and maintenance, including management of internal and external audits.
  • Logical thinker able to collate and present data clearly and concisely, defining intelligent KPIs to drive the development and execution of effective action plans.
  • Open to all industries where skills can be utitlised.
  • Based in Faringdon, will consider up to 40 mile commute.

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