The Importance behind your Working from Home Space

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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Are you struggling with working from home? With remote working here to stay for many of us, it’s important to make sure you have optimised your space for productivity.

Here are our top tips for making your home office space the best it can be.

Separate your office from your living spaces

It can be hard to get into the right headspace for work if you are sitting on the couch where you binge-watched your favourite Netflix series last night, or worse, in your bed. It’s important to create a separate space for work.

According to a recent survey by Stanford University, just half of American workers login to work from a dedicated room, and the other half either work from their bedroom or a shared space.

Ideally your home office will be a separate room, but if space is tight, pick a corner or area in your home that is set aside for work. Not only will this make you more productive during working hours, but it will help you create an important mental wall between work and home which can help you avoid burnout.

Have all the technology you need

If you are working from home for the long-term, you should make sure you have the right gear. This includes a desk with room for all of your technology and other work items you might need during the day.

One of the most important elements is to make sure you have invested in high-speed internet. There’s nothing more frustrating than constantly dropping out of Zoom meetings or being unable to download critical files. Depending on your job, you may want to add other technology such as an external webcam or microphone to your setup.

Invest in an ergonomic setup

Don’t skimp when it comes to investing in an ergonomic chair that supports good posture.  No more craning your neck working at the kitchen island or in an armchair! You may also want to consider a standing desk if you have issues with your posture as this encourages movement during your workday.

Ensure you have good lighting

Oh what a difference sitting by a window can make for your productivity and mental health! Sitting in a sunny spot where you can lap up some vitamin D can also help you reduce eyestrain. If this isn’t possible, supplement your overhead lighting with a floor lamp or desk lamp.

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