The benefits of Volunteering

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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Volunteering has a number of benefits, aside from the obvious feel-good aspect. If you are looking to contribute to your community whilst gaining valuable skills, or even bridge an unemployment gap, volunteering could be for you. Read on to discover the professional and personal benefits volunteering can offer.

Why volunteer?

Having some form of volunteering on your CV will help to set you apart from other applicants when competing for that new opportunity. Aside from helping you to stand out, managers appreciate and recognize the commitment and initiative that volunteering takes; it is a great way to demonstrate certain skills. A structured volunteer program can enable you to practice important skills for the workplace, including but not limited to communication skills, teamwork and line management. Often the best way to secure a new role is through experience, and volunteering can be a rewarding way to achieve this.

Volunteering will impress interviewers, as it clearly demonstrates your passion and experience. If you find yourself in between roles, volunteering can be a great way to bridge an unemployment gap on your CV. It shows that whilst you were searching for a new role, you made the most of your time and took the chance to learn new skills, as well as give back to the community.

Make sure to include your volunteering skills on your CV, and your cover letter when applying for new roles. When applying consider which of your skills you have gained through volunteering is the most relevant, and list them in the skills section of your CV. Make sure to include how volunteer work helped both your personal and professional growth.

Personal benefits

Aside from professional development, volunteering has many personal benefits. It can be a chance to meet new people who you have common interests with. You will meet people from a variety of backgrounds and experiences who all share the same goal, and in turn this will help you learn from others perspectives. Your fellow volunteers can become your mentors, or a part of your network, and these connections can help you to grow your job prospects.

Volunteering is not only fun, but can give a great sense of fulfillment. Volunteering can be used as a hobby whilst making a difference, and volunteers can feel rewarded whilst doing something they are passionate about. Volunteering can keep you mentally stimulated and more connected to your community, and can help many to find a sense of purpose.

Volunteering can be a great exercise to do with friends. This helps you to spend time with the people you love whilst giving back to your community. Ask your friends what causes they care about or where they would like to volunteer, and you can encourage each other whilst helping worthwhile causes.

How to find volunteer work

Make sure to choose an opportunity you are passionate about and volunteer for organisations you believe in. This way when you are discussing your volunteering, your enthusiasm will shine through. Check with your local school for volunteering opportunities, or local sports teams. Many league teams often need help from parents, students or teenagers. If there is an organization you would be particularly interested in helping, reach out to them! Even if they don’t have an immediate opportunity, they will be able to contact you as soon as something arises.