Hiring Seasonal Staff

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Monday, November 08, 2021

It’s a tough market for talent out there at the moment. The UK continues to struggle with worker shortages across the board, from transport and retail to hospitality and construction.

According to the Office for National Statistics, job vacancies in the UK reached a record high from May to July, with some data suggesting vacancies hit a million for the first time. Meanwhile, according to a survey by Hays, 80% of businesses and other organisations in the UK are planning to hire staff over the next 12 months, marking the highest recruitment intentions in eight years.

What this comes down to is that competition for staff is fierce. If you are looking to add a few extra members to your team for the holiday season, you need to be arranging this ahead of time to avoid being stuck in a situation where there’s no-one available.

In this blog we run through what you need to know when hiring temporary workers for the upcoming holiday season, and how you can triumph in the competition for staff.

The benefits of temporary staff

Hiring temporary workers is the best way to meet your staffing needs during busy periods such as Christmas. You can continue to provide a high level of customer service and meet consumer expectations, while avoiding being overstaffed when demand drops.

What you need to offer seasonal staff

From their first day, temporary workers have the right to used shared facilities and services used by permanent employees. This includes things such as a canteen, car parking or transport services. Under the Agency Workers Regulations (2011), after 12 weeks of service a seasonal or fixed-term contract worker is entitled to the same pay and working conditions as your permanent members of staff. This includes equivalent benefits, access to information about permanent vacancies, and protection from unfavourable treatment. Importantly it includes the accrual of holiday pay; temporary workers will accrue holiday days on a pro-rata basis of 5.6 weeks’ holiday per year. Here at Plus One, we keep a track of how long temporary workers have been employed, and notify and guide clients ahead of the 12 week deadline to ensure they are working within AWR.

For a temporary staff contract, you need to clearly state what role is being offered and any conditions that relate to it. Unlike your permanent employees contracts, a fixed-term contract will also include the date you expect employment to end.

Your legal responsibilities

Even if you are only hiring a member of staff for a short time, your company is still required to carry out right-to-work checks to ensure they have the legal right to work in the UK. Since July, all EU nationals, except for Irish citizens, need to provide proof of their permission to be in the UK not just proof of their nationality.  This could be evidence of their status under the EU Settlement Scheme or a UK visa.

Find the talent you need with Plus One Personnel

At Plus One Personnel, we offer both temporary and permanent staffing solutions. Our experienced recruiters can source, screen, and select candidates for your organisation that otherwise could be unavailable to you. If you need to start preparing your recruitment drive for the festive period, get in touch here.