5 New Year resolutions for your career

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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

We’ve all heard it (if not said it) “New year, new me”. January roles around and we make grand resolutions relating to our personal goals, but by the time March arrives we have forgotten all about them. However, sticking to a new years resolution you’ve made about your career, can have a ripple effect throughout your life; it may result in a promotion, more money, or a better work / life balance. When setting new year resolutions it’s important to fix small manageable goals, as you will have a greater chance of achieving these, and working them into your everyday life. Below are some achievable goals that could transform your career prospects in 2022.

Have regular meetings with your boss

It is important to get feedback on your work if you are looking to progress, so when you complete an assignment or significant project try and get 15 minutes of your supervisors time for a meeting for comments on your work. This shows a willingness to progress and develop your skills, and will signal to your superiors that you are looking to advance. When the time to promote somebody arrives, they will already know the work you have put in, not only on projects but also into your own self development.

Connect with people in your network

Meeting new people in your industry can help to keep you sharp, up to date and well connected. We have all heard the phrase, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”, and when it comes to career progression, who you know is a valuable currency. Attend industry events and have your colleagues and friends in the profession introduce you to their colleagues. This can be as easy as just making friends in your sector, and doesn’t have to be awkward and contrived. Don’t forget to also connect with them on LinkedIn!

Learn a new skill

Gaining a new skill doesn’t have to be as formal as getting a new qualification – it can be as simple as turning and asking your colleague how to get a certain aspect of your CRM to work, or familiarizing yourself with the tricks and shortcuts on Excel that you have always wanted to know. Now is the time to muster all your courage and learn something new, and one way to distinguish yourself is to keep up with the latest skills and technology in your industry. Keep building on useful skills and make it a habit to keep up to date so you don’t get left behind.

Volunteer within your profession

Volunteering is an opportunity to give back and meet other professionals in your industry. It is also a talking point that looks good on your CV.  If you are able to, volunteer under the umbrella of your profession. For example if you work in the education sector, there are many education outreach charities than you can donate your time to and make a difference to the lives of children, or adults. Volunteering is a meaningful way to give back to those who need it, whilst expanding your professional network and building your own confidence. For more detail, read our blog on the benefits of volunteering.

Update your CV

It makes good sense to update your CV regularly, and the beginning of the year is a great time to complete one of those updates, as many recruiters will refresh their candidate pool in January, and an updated resume will catch their eye. They may reach out about an opportunity you didn’t know existed from your own searches! It is also best practice to updated your LinkedIn profile every time you update your CV. If you are looking for a new role, get ahead of the January rush and contact Plus One today and take your first step to a brand new role.