External Factors  Your employer brand and goodwill from the surrounding area. The unemployment rate in your area.  Are you offering a package comparative to other businesses within your area? Cost of living & inflation.  Location - Would the employee need to run a vehicle to reach their place of work? Are the skills/knowledge that you require used elsewhere within the local area?  Do universities & colleges offer courses in the skills that you require? Internal Factors What benefits package do you offer?  Your recruitment and interview processes. How flexible can you be when it comes to skills and experience and are you able to offer training to candidates who have the aptitude but lack experience? What opportunities are there for career development? What are the unique aspects of your business which would attract a potential employee?  How often do you recruit? In localised areas, it can be possible to over-resource from the market by continuous recruitment for similar roles. OTHER FACTORS TO CONSIDER Whether you are back-filling to replace a departing employee or recruiting for a new position, it is worth considering all of these factors when putting together a complete remuneration package. Whilst taking base salary into account and the cost to hire, it may be worth reviewing the following: 4