b'Changes to Employment Legislation in 2020Over the next few pages, we will detail some of the changes in employmentIn brief, the key points are:legislation that are coming our way next spring. Whilst we have added brief detail to these points, there is extensive information available online and1)Itemised PayslipsFrom April 2020, all workers will be entitled we have added hyperlinks to signpost you to our sources. If you would liketo receive a payslip. This must itemise and document any variationto talk with an expert on any of these points, please feel free to contact ain pay across the time worked. Client Relationship Representative here at Plus One Personnel.2)Key Facts DocumentThe final details of this legislation are currently going through Parliament. It will require agencies toprovide jobseekers with a key facts document prior to termsClient Relationship Team being agreed with the jobseeker. Oxfordshire Swedish DerogationFollowing the Taylor Review, Swedish 3) Christina Nicholls|01295 262266 Derogation contracts will be abolished. This means that all Agency Workers will be covered by Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) regardless of their contractual status. Warwickshire 4) Written StatementAn amendment to the Employment Rights Act Matthew Stacey|01926 332277 1996 will mean that employees are entitled to a written statement about their employment status, entitlements, contract and pay fromthe first day of their employment.The Good Work Plan For more information on the Good Work Plan, please clickthis link to the Governments Website;Following on from recommendations made in last years Taylor Review, and the subsequent proposals in the Governments Good Work Plan, https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/ new legislation is forthcoming from April 2020.good-work-plan/good-work-plan6'