b'Regional IntelligenceWe are pleased to be able to present some localised insights, inSince the global recession of 2008, the county has added a total of 37,700 conjunction with our partnership with the REC (Recruitment & jobs, so the above figure of 32,900 shows a sharp increase over the last Employment Confederation) and the LEP (Local Enterprise Partnerships)five years, compared to 20082013. network across the UK.During 2018 alone, there was a net increase of approximately 750 jobs Oxfordshire created in Oxfordshire. The fastest growth area of the county was Oxford Central with 630 new roles created. This was closely followed by Vale of During a five year period between 2013 and 2018, the UK enjoyed a 9% the White Horse with 540. Representing a net reduction in jobs, Cherwell net increase in jobs being created across all sectors. Looking more locally,showed a (-350) over the same period, with West Oxfordshire (-60) and Oxfordshire had a 10% increase during the same period of time and hasSouth Oxfordshire also showing small reductions (-10). This reveals therefore been ranked by the LEP at #16 out of 39 UK regions for joba slight shift in roles moving from North Oxfordshire into Central and growth and prosperity. Overall this 10% net increase represented a total Southern areas.of 32,900 jobs created.4'