b'Outlook for the next 12 months In a recent survey of employers * , 90% said that they would either maintain (61%) or increase (30%) their numbers of permanent employees over the next 12 months. Of those employers who are planning to add to their headcount, 33% were based in the Midlands region and 32% were based in the South East. By contrast, just 23% of employers in the North of England planned to increase headcount, compared to 34% last year.With a reduction in available workers and an increase in planned recruitment across our region, its not surprising that 52% of employers surveyed had concerns about the availability of employees to fill their vacancies. This number has increased from 46% last year in the Private Sector and is also represented in the Public Sector with an increase to 47% from 36% last year. Given this information, we would certainly recommend planning your workforce requirements for next year early to ensure that your terms are competitive and highly visible in order to attract the right prospective employees. *REC Survey Oct 20193'