b'IntroductionWelcome to the Plus One Personnel Salary Guide forThis uncertainty has certainly given rise to a more cautious mood 2020. This annual publication has been compiled totowards recruitment during the latter half of 2019. We are findingassist you whenever you look to benchmark salariesthat jobseekers are doing more homework on their prospective employers and trying to determine how they will weather the stormand benefits within your organisation. of any fallout following our EU exit. We have put this guide together using the latest information (as ofWith a cautious mood, record low unemployment levels in the UK and November 2019) gained from published statistics (national and regional),less available talent on the market in most sectors, its becoming more as well as our own data, which we have gathered from our extensiveimportant than ever to ensure that your total remuneration package is network across Oxfordshire and Warwickshire. Whilst this is a regionalcompetitive and in keeping with industry and sector norms.guide, you will find that much of the information within these pages will, in many cases, apply across most of the Midlands and South East,We therefore hope that you find our guide to be a useful companionexcluding Greater London. over the coming year. Unfortunately, we couldnt put any report together based on economic statistics and salary data, without mentioning Brexit. Whilst the country has been in the grip of the ongoing delay to our exiting of the EuropeanBest wishes,Union, the uncertainty caused, has had a noticeable effect on the confidence of both employers and jobseekers, as we will detail in thisStuart Mooreguide. It is anticipated that negotiations will come to a conclusion in Managing Director the early part of 2020, but at the time of writing, the outcome isanyones guess.1'