b'Job Sector Specific Salary Guide - Customer Service On these pages you will find detailed information regarding some of the typical Customer Service roles that we recruitCustomer Service Roles Oxfordshire SalariesWarwickshire Salariesfor, and the average annual salaries available for themReception/Front of House 19,000 - 23,000 18,000 - 22,000across Oxfordshire and Warwickshire.Customer Service Advisor (Office) 18,000 - 23,000 17,500 - 20,000Over the past year, generation of vacancies in customer-facing roles has continued to be steady. We have noticedCustomer Service Supervisor 21,000 - 26,000 20,000 - 25,000however, an increase in requirements from employers looking for more technical expertise from their customerCustomer Service Manager 30,000 - 45,000 30,000 - 40,000service professionals. This can range from industryCustomer Account Manager 27,000 - 40,000 25,000 - 37,000sector knowledge (such as automotive or FMCG), or IT expertise, where companies have merged traditionalHead of Customer Service 40,000 - 50,000 37,000 - 45,000customer-service roles with technical support or account management positions.Retail:When it comes to salaries in this job sector, it has becomeRetail Assistant 16,000 - 21,000 15,500 - 20,000apparent that over the last 24 months, salaries forRetail Assistant (with language skills) 20,000 - 22,000 19,000 - 22,000roles in Warwickshire have begun to catch up with their Oxfordshire counterparts. Oxfordshire salaries are stillRetail Store Manager 22,000 - 30,000 22,000 - 28,000marginally higher, but that margin is no longer quite as large. It is also clear that, like the other sectors, salariesMerchandiser 18,000 - 22,000 17,000 - 19,000across the board have seen an incremental increase over the past year. We believe that this is partly driven by themore on next page level of expertise now required to work in customer service as businesses prioritise the customer experience. Our expectations as customers have increased and therefore the service levels of old no longer fit with the ideal modern 23'