b'We hope that you have found the information presented in the first part of our Salary Guide interesting. The following section provides current salary data for all of the job sectors that we specialise in recruiting for.These are: Sales & MarketingOperationsBusiness Support2020 Salary Guide Accountancy & FinanceCustomer ServiceThe guide details current salary levels for the most typical roles that we recruit for and provides a range of seniority. We have also split the data to show rates in Oxfordshire and Warwickshire, due to subtle differences in salary ranges between the two counties.An addition to this years guide we have included a new section dedicated to senior leadership roles. This has been included as we have been supporting our clients with board-level recruitment campaigns and therefore felt it would be useful addition.If you are looking for salary information that is not covered in this guide, please get in touch with our Client Relationship team whowill be happy to assist.'