b'Employee BenefitsAccording to a 2019 survey of employers * , there is a growing trend Improvement in technology seems to be driving a rapid change offor companies to review their remuneration and benefits packages as pace, reflecting the requirement of both employees and employers to a combined Employee Value Proposition (EVP). This would encompass become more flexible in their approach to the total EVP.the entire employee experience across all locations, whether inthe UK or overseas.With increased competition for talent, it is advisable to review yourEVP to meet the current and future needs of your employees.*Aon Benefits & Trends Survey 2019 of 200 employers 250200150100500Casual dress code Games (table tennis / pool etc Emergency childcare support Help with debt management OtherAgile / Home working Mindfulness / Resiliance ClassesMore flexible working hours Free snacks / fruit / drinks Better approach to diversity / inclusion Increased volunteering opportunitiesBetter awareness / handling ofmental healthEmergency eldercare support Access to financial educationImproved paternity / maternity / parental leave policies Concierge service (laundry / shopping / chores etc)9'