b'WagesCurrent UK Wages The Real Living WageRegular pay growth for employees increased by 3.8% between JuneAugustThis is a voluntary scheme, determined by independent research into 2018 and JuneAugust 2019. When considering the change in real-termsthe amount of money that people need to live on. There is currently no (i.e. adjusted for CPI), however, regular pay increased by 2.0%. In Augustrequirement for any UK employer to adopt the scheme, however there are 2019, average regular pay (before tax and other deductions) for employeescurrently over 1500 companies accredited to the Living Wage Foundation. in Great Britain was estimated at 509 per week in nominal terms. In real-terms (at constant 2015 prices), however, this equated to 472 per week.Real Living Wage rates from 2020Whilst this was higher than the estimate for a year earlier (462 per week), it was still 1 (0.3%) lower than the pre-recession peak of 473 per week for April 2008. Age 18+ UK wide LondonChanges in Minimum Wage levels Hourly9.30 10.75(Now National Living Wage) in 2020 WageThere are no forthcoming confirmed changes to the statutory National Living Wage levels since the last increase in April 2019. For more information about the Real Living Wage, please visit their website at:https://www.livingwage.org.uk/National Living Wage rates 2019/2020The Oxford Living WageAge 25+ 21 to 24 18 to 20 Under 18 ApprenticeThis is a suggested hourly minimum pay rate that recognises the higher cost Hourly8.21 7.70 6.15 4.35 3.90 of living in Oxford. Last year it was set at 9.69 per hour and this has been Wage revised to 10.02 for 2020, equating to an annual salary of 19,278 based upon a 37-hour working week. This is the first time that a recommended hourly wage has increased above 10 per hour outside of London.For more information about the Oxford Living Wage, please visit their website at: https://www.oxford.gov.uk/info/20027/welfare_reform/ 1011/the_oxford_living_wage8'